Encounter with Netduino

Well, that’s me on my second attempt to write a blog post. It took me whole day to decide what to be the subject and I decide that it will be on Netduino Plus MCU.

There are many similar projects, some quite popular and successful. If you are interested in this subject there is no way you never heard about Arduino or GHI’s FEZ series. I was aware of the existence of those projects almost since the moment each of them appeared for first time. Unfortunately, none of them really grabs my attention. To be honest, I do not know why?! I guess there are rather many reasons than single. Now, looking back in time, I really cannot find a satisfactory answer to this question. These are great projects, with great communities build around them, very dynamic, flexible, expandable (shields), etc. You can really have a lot of fun, but also you can build some serious things.

Six years ago, I moved from Bulgaria to Scotland. It took me quite a few years to adapt and learn literally completely new set of rules and way of thinking, and I am still learning. I want to say big THANK YOU to Scottish people who helped me. Quickly after coming here, I experienced most wonderful thing in my life – my daughter has been born. Those of you that have kids understand me perfectly – no time for hobbies 🙂 … Why on Earth I am bothering you with those things?! Do not know, don’t forget I am inexperienced blogger.

Right, let us go back to the MCUs.

So, one day I read about Netduino. Hmm, is that not some clone of Arduino? If it is, why call it Net(duino). Well, you’ve got the idea right 🙂 Netduino uses .NET Microframework thus makes it possible for you to use C# for development (VB.NET support is also in place with one of the beta firmware updates, but I guess this is not enough reason to create a VBuino controller :)).

May sound strange to you, but this somehow ignite my interest in this project. In my daily work, I am using C# so there is a match! Do not get me wrong. In past I used Assembler for various platforms as well as C/C++. I have long lasting relationship with Pascal and Delphi and have some experience with PHP, BASIC, Lisp, even with almighty FORTRAN. Therefore, I am not really a person that will stick with platform or language because this is what “everybody else uses” or it is the last cry in programming languages fashion.

In fact, now when Netduino reignited my interest to the MCU world, I am thinking about buying Arduino too. Why? Simply to expand my knowledge and view.However, until then I will concentrate on Netduino and in my future posts, I intend to share my experiences with you.

So if you are not bored yet, stay tuned with this blog 🙂

Thank you for your patience!


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