Ideas behind Netduino tutorial

Just wanted to share with you that I am writing a Netduino tutorial.

The Goal is to fill the gaps for people coming from different backgrounds. Been for a while on Netduino forums, I have noticed that people there are with either electronics background and have little knowledge on programming, either have good programming knowledge and very little electronics one. Therefore, I though providing both sides with some more understanding and knowledge will be nice to do thing.

Whole thing started as 2 pages flashing LED project. For difference to existing tutorials, this one intention is to provide far more details on various things. For example why/when we need transistor to switch on/off LED, which operation mode of the transistor we need and how to design the schematics of the switch, later how to build a program to control the switch, various different methods to do this, etc. Speaking generally most of this stuff looks pretty simple and basic but it is surprising that most people build this stuff as they build Lego’s and don’t put much effort to try to understand how it is actually works. For me, knowing and understanding the fundamentals is very important.

So is the goal of the tutorial – make people understand smallest building blocks of electronics and programming, thus way applying this knowledge when building bigger stuff.

You can download and read the tutorial and can get and compile code files.

It is far for completed (as you will see) but what’s already there seems caused some positive reactions from readers. I will be grateful for any feedback from you. You can provide it here or at the Netduino’s forum.

Thank you in advance!


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