Circuit diagramming tools

For those of you that struggle to find good, easy to use and free tool for drawing diagrams I would suggest you following ones:

  1. Circuit Diagram – desktop application, still in development and missing few components but easy to use and very good. There are often releases that come with long lists of added components, so keep it updated.
  2. Circuit Maker – online tool, have some minor issues with aligning some of the components and struggle from component overlay issues but in general is just OK. With a little more development, effort can turn into first class tool.
  3. Schematic – online tool, good set of components but the way that you selecting them are annoyingly slow. Perhaps adding a drop down lists will make it more attractive. Still, it is good one.

What tool(s) you are using?

After post additions:

Scheme-It – online

CircuitLab – online


3 comments on “Circuit diagramming tools

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