FlyJSONP, fly!

If you need a nice ‘n’ easy way to do cross-domain requests then perhaps FlyJSONP is what you need.

Although it is easy to use, one thing you should keep in mind – it is using YQL. There are few limitations you can read about in FAQ‘s “Usage limits and restrictions” section or in documentation.

I will add data security considerations. Even there are few options to secure the data seems you have to fully trust Yahoo. Well I have no problems with trusting Yahoo but I have no secret data, so it is up to you to decide.


3 comments on “FlyJSONP, fly!

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  2. Thank you very much Georgi for writing up about FlyJSONP, and the feedback.

    I’m the original author of FlyJSONP, and would like to clarify some points if you don’t mind.

    I’m using YQL only for HTTP POST requests, as you’re aware, there are security limitations with cross-domain HTTP requests, with that being said, I’ve reviewed all possible solutions, and the one that made the most sense to use was YQL.

    For HTTP GET requests however, it doesn’t pass through YQL, since I’m using JSONP to communicate directly with the requested domain.

    Again, thank you Georgi, and have a wonderful day.

    • Sure I have not mind at all the author himself to clarify things. Who else could be better person to do that?

      It is always important to know details.


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