Netduino for beginners tutorial release v1.10

Hi guys!

My Christmas present for you – v1.10 of the Netduino for beginners tutorial. You can download it from the “Box” section on the right column of this page.


Merry Christmas!

PS It appears Internet explorer users experience some problems with downloads from Box, so you can use Netduino’s wiki page to download the tutorial files. If you need just the tutorial without the code files then you can use this link or read it directly from Scribd.



6 comments on “Netduino for beginners tutorial release v1.10

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  2. Hi, I have tried on two computers now. internet Explorer crashes everytime i try to download the guide.

    • Strange, I do not experience any problems 😦
      Did you try to download the files from Netduino wiki page?

      Anyway, I will email you the files over email.

      • Same result both sites and from both computers. Strange.
        I got the e-mail thank you. I am a newbee at these kits, hope I can learn how to use them and have fun.

  3. Georgi,

    I just found your Netduino for beginners guide linked from the Netduino wiki. This is a great document and i’m sure it will be very useful to many people getting started with the Netduino!

    Regarding the download of the document, I am using google’s Chrome browser and did not experience any download problems from either the Box, or the netduino wiki.

    I haven’t read all the way through the document yet but might I suggest adding the version of the document, and the release date of the document to the title page. This will help tracking of the document as you continue to make improvements, as well as respond to feedback from users.

    Thanks again for taking the time to work on this guide!

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for good words!
      There is version number at the bottom right corner of the title page, you probably missed it 🙂


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