Is this next biggie thing in mobile development?

What do you think?


From Microsoft Research project TouchDevelop:

“TouchDevelop uses the latest web technologies in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari to bring a cloud-connected, touch-friendly app creation environment to your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device. Oh, right, it also works offline”


Web Developer Checklists

If you are Web developer you certainly will want to give a check thеse points before release. Note the menu on the top left corner!

Some screen shots:

Web Developer Checklist Web Developer Checklist ASP.NET Web Developer Checklist ASP.NET Performance

When program is not working …

I used some of these 🙂 Do you?

When program is not working

Home office layout for developers with kids

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Free mockup tool

Just encountered and had a quick look at it. It was easy to use with slick interface, excellent graphics and nice export. There are enough basic elements to star with.

If you need to mockup something quickly, that’s the tool you’ll ever need.


Javascript MVC Frameworks – current state

Recently I read this interesting comparison of top 10 Javascript MVC frameworks. Short extract:

Framework UI bindings Composed views Presentation layer Plays with others
SproutCore 1.x
Javascript MVC
Google Web Toolkit
Google Closure

Having played with few of them, I personally tend to agree that Ember.js and Knockout.js are getting just a small step in front of the rest.

Any opinions?


Ever need to quickly find and access a particular javascript framework, tool, pattern, etc.?

Now we are armed with Microjs! Wonder how I lived without it before 🙂

Visual Studio Code Canvas

Nice to see some progress on Code Canvas.

Kael Rowan explored the subject here.

The new Twitter Bootstrap v2

Today I’ve started a new website project for my wife’s new business. Well, new project, new technologies, so decided to have a go with most latest MVC 4 and EF 5.0, both still in beta. This part went very smoothly, quickly and easy. No glitches, compare to some troubles having in past with previous version of MVC/EF.

The new MVC 4 default theme is nice and cool too, but I decide to go a bit further and try to learn new Twitter Bootstrap. Doing some wee project for your wife’s business is just the right opportunity, isn’t it :)?

On the Bootstrap’s website, you can read following statement: “Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions”. I have found this is really simple and flexible.

In addition, I want to add: it’s beautiful and brilliantly easy to use! There’s also a NuGet package to add it to the MVC project.

Really, you have to try it yourself!

Read jQuery source as book

Ever need or want to have a deeper look inside jQuery’s source?

Well, you can do it know, just visit this link.