Javascript MVC Frameworks – current state

Recently I read this interesting comparison of top 10 Javascript MVC frameworks. Short extract:

Framework UI bindings Composed views Presentation layer Plays with others
SproutCore 1.x
Javascript MVC
Google Web Toolkit
Google Closure

Having played with few of them, I personally tend to agree that Ember.js and Knockout.js are getting just a small step in front of the rest.

Any opinions?



Ever need to quickly find and access a particular javascript framework, tool, pattern, etc.?

Now we are armed with Microjs! Wonder how I lived without it before 🙂

Read jQuery source as book

Ever need or want to have a deeper look inside jQuery’s source?

Well, you can do it know, just visit this link.

Cassette – asset mangement for .NET Web applications

Just read general description of Cassette:

“…Cassette automatically sorts, concatenates, minifies, caches and versions all your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, LESS and HTML templates….

…It’s flexible, extensible and optimized for developer happiness…”

I am very keen to test over the weekend is it doing all it claims. If it is then it it will be really great asset 🙂

Anyone already used it?

FlyJSONP, fly!

If you need a nice ‘n’ easy way to do cross-domain requests then perhaps FlyJSONP is what you need.

Although it is easy to use, one thing you should keep in mind – it is using YQL. There are few limitations you can read about in FAQ‘s “Usage limits and restrictions” section or in documentation.

I will add data security considerations. Even there are few options to secure the data seems you have to fully trust Yahoo. Well I have no problems with trusting Yahoo but I have no secret data, so it is up to you to decide.


Today I finally had the opportunity to have a look at Knockout.js. There is only one thing I can say about it – amazing!

Steve Sanderson did great job and one can enjoy now MVVM on the client side. I am thinking about the whole bunch of possibilities this opens for consuming services and presenting information to the user in fancy way. Just had a look onto the Knockout’s tutorial and you’ll see what I mean

Now, I am somewhat obsessed with the idea to write down a wee project and learn more. Hmm, cannot wait until the weekend comes…

Do you have any experience with Knockout? Please, do share it here.