This is absolute fun to watch!

It is 5min long but you should watch it! Honestly 🙂

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The best advert ever!

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If you need to express yourself try this


After that you almost certainly will receive one of these.

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Been a foreigner in UK you must know that

I have been living in UK for just over 8 years now and all that time I was wondering why and how some people obviously misunderstanding me or consider my honest and direct approach as offensive. Now I have the answer! 🙂

Some very interesting combinations are coming into my mind. For example: “I hear what you say and with the greatest respect I would suggest this is very interesting”, which translates to “I disagree and do not want to discuss it further because I think you are an idiot and prepare to justify yourself because it is clearly nonsense”.

I start liking it 🙂


Awesome one time offer – Join the Dark side now! Ops, the Pork side…

Hurry, offer expires … soon 🙂

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